Friday, January 16, 2015

My experience with 20 time

My experience with 20 time was fantastic. I learned a lot about myself in these last few months working together with my buddy brady expressing our passion golf. I learned a lot of life lessons in these last few months. I thank the school for encouraging us. Overall it was tons of fun and I'm very happy of how it turned out in the end.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Learning the logistics to create a sporting event

Hello my is william along with Brady. We are students at central York high school. We are calling to talk about creating a golf tournament for a good cause. Would you happen to have a moment to speak to us. 

1. We have knowledge that you created and event for a charity.Who did you talk to, to create is event.

2. What do you need to make a charity event

3.  What other knowledge do we need to know to create this tournament

4. What would you have done differently that you didn't do in your event

Sunday, November 9, 2014

What I have learned about golf.

Golf can always be a frustrating game, and at times you feel like you want to quit. But on good days when you're playing good you love them game. Golf take a mental toll in your mind. Golf requires the most thinking of any sport there is. A man once said, " golf is 80% mental and 20% physical. My idea that I have for a golf tournament where most the money goes to a good cause, would hopefully take people's mind of the game and just let them have fun and knowing that they are playing for a good cause. I need to talk with someone that knows more than me about fundraising and charities to the try and it squared away.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Finding my way to golf.

My personal goal for my passion golf would be excel and to practice and be the best I can possibly be.
My goals for English class would be to be end more knowledgeable than before I arrived the first day of school. Not just a little more knowledgeable but a great amount more knowledgeable. I would like to contact someone who knows sponsors and could possibly help set up a sporting event for a charity. My 5 goals would be to give money to a good cause. For people to have fun in the tournament. For Brady and I to have fun doing it. To be successful in actually creating a tournament. For the tournament being the way Brady and I want it.

My passion, golf

Hello my name is William Gekas, and my passion, at the moment is golf. I love anything about golf learning about it teaching someone else and playing the game. It s not likely that I would make a career out of golf but it's still my favorite thing to do. With my passion, I came up with an idea, a clinic for kids who want to learn about golf and or want to get into golf.

What is was thinking was, it would be a 5-10 dollar cost to get your child in for 1 clinic. With this money that I would raise, most of the money would go to a good cause. I'm not sure where to go from there so would need someone's help as well. Overall I think it's a good idea and I feel that I could go somewhere with it